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Friday, February 6, 2009

Worlds of the Indian Ocean Festival

A celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Aga Khan University, presented by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, East Africa, running 19-23 February। The Festival features explorations of the Indian Ocean cultural realm। The event will be hosted in Nairobi from February 19 to 23, 2009. The Worlds of the Indian Ocean (WIO 2009) is a showpiece arts and science festival and conference that will bring some of the most unusual minds and thinkers to Nairobi to debate, discuss, celebrate, explore, imagine roles and responsibilities (local, regional and global) against a backdrop of the Indian Ocean as a geographical and metaphorical space of opportunity in the twenty first century.

Our five day event, hosted largely at the National Museums of Kenya space, shall combine strategic and practical workshops, intellectual explorations, public and cultural expression and business forums. Emphasis is being placed on the facilitation of productive linkages among peoples on different edges of the Indian Ocean.The lectures are broad-ranging, engaging and agenda-setting rather than narrowly focused. A one-day strategic business forum will involve specialists presenting ideas around biodiversity, security, marine ecology and economies, new and digital technology including nanotechnology and nanoscience and futures literacy which shall involve profiles of a new generation of thinkers and actors who are involved in innovative ventures in this region.

Our goal, is to stimulate a wide range of encounters to stimulate the creativity and imagination that emerges when different worlds meet. We are inviting business leaders, academicians, scientists, technologists, future thinkers, diplomats, journalists, artists, development innovators and environmental experts and educationalists to grab a hold of and roll with the ideas while considering the implications of the regionally under-imagined resource that the Indian Ocean is.
More details and festival programme coming shortly

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